CITMA Review - March/April edition front cover

CITMA Review - March/April edition front cover

A reader of CITMA Review magazine discusses Fragile

Aaron Wood has a strong reaction to Fragile by Peter Rouse

The life of a lawyer can be a hard one. Colleagues pick through every email you write for signs of weakness; work systems are focused on avoiding negligence; senior partners worry about praising anyone too highly in case they come to expect a bonus or think they are in line for partnership. At all levels, many are constantly in fear of their clients not approving of their most recent piece of work.

This is not just my view; it is echoed in Fragile, which provides the starting point for dealing with the myriad issues that stem from the broken way in which many law firms work. The book starts with the individual and, from there, radiates out, taking in issues of self-management, people management and client relationship management.

The tag line on Fragile’s front cover is: “Mastering the relationships that can make or break a career, and a firm”. It is my belief that the values espoused in this book reflect the very best practices toward clients, colleagues and yourself.

As someone who started a firm in 2015, I can see immediate value in this book for all practitioners.

I struggle to know whether to recommend it more to senior partners, as a practical guide to how to mould your firm to get the best out of your people; or to the rest, as a reassurance that there is another way to practise, and that some firms will deliver on their promise to support you, respect you and allow you to develop without the blocks of ego and fear.


Fragile, Peter Rouse, Fragile Books (October 2016)
Paperback, 176 pages; also available as an ebook

This review was first published in the March/April edition of CITMA Review, the magazine of the Chartered Institute of Chartered Attorneys, and is reproduced with kind permission.

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